Iris and John Spittle

John and I wish to put on record how thrilled we are our beautiful kitchen. It really is gorgeous so thank you Manu, Andrea and Maurizio for your involvement and also the charming staff who have always been very helpful. As you know we were stressed when the arrival was delayed but it so happens that that delay has faded greatly compared to other delays and building dramas we have had to contend with.

While the kitchen isn’t entirely complete with the benches now being manufactured but they should be in place in about two weeks.. It looks so good! (In my opinion.

We have been very grateful for the assistance from  you installer Scott of Haybuild, he is a blessing being so helpful, well mannered, knowledgable and contentious. Even suffering from his recent illness he didn’t let that keep him down for long.

Please feel free to inspect any time but you may like to wait until it is entirely finished? Please yourself.

Peter Cutforth

Manu and his team made us feel very welcome when we first stepped into the lovely showroom. We were looking for someone to provide us with some design input / leadership, rather than just show us a bunch of tiles and stand back waiting for us to make a decision, which we were finding really hard.

After getting us a nice Italian made coffee, and letting us have a leisurely look around, Manu listened to our preferences and then showed us a combination of two beautiful 450×900 tiles and advised us how to structure the colours to be fashionable yet timeless. (Pic of partially complete tiling in our new bathroom attached).

The ordering and delivery process was very smooth through our builder. Even when we had a bit of a misunderstanding with the tiler and had to swap some of the darker tiles for lighter ones, it was all organised smoothly and swiftly, and without charge. Would strongly recommend if you want some real, professional design help, from someone with great customer service, and a real Italian Tile heritage, go see Manu at Residenza